Trust me when I say that what I want most, in the end, is your happiness. That look of endearment, the quiet gasp or soft chuckle, the dropped shoulders and turn of the head…these are all signs that I look for in my clients when they view their proofs for the first time. Nothing is more fulfilling in my professional life!

By all means, ask me questions. I welcome and encourage as much communication as possible before, during, and after the photo session. If you ask for my opinion, I’ll offer it; but be warned, I may ask plenty of my own questions as well. Remember, these photos are your keepsakes – I am merely the tool.

And finally, I find that the best images are captured when the working relationship is kept casual and comfortable. When tensions are low and patience is high, you’d be amazed at what I see through my viewfinder.

Now for a few details…session fees are $75 (plus tax), non-refundable, and due at the time of the session. On rare occasions, such as out-of-town travel, I may ask for the session fee prior to the scheduled session. Rates for commonly-sized prints range from $12 to $82, depending on the size. Digital editing, re-sizing, cropping, and color transformations are free-of-charge.

Please feel free to give me a call, 512/796-5235, or send me an email at We can explore our options much better with a conversation (and it’s more fun that way, too).